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eDiningNews is an online marketing, media and technology company that helps professional chefs and independent restaurants increase customer loyalty and revenue. The Company produces the award-winning cable and web series "Cooking with Color 4 Kids" and "The American Cooking Experience."

The Team

Kristen Hess - Host and David Hillman - Producer
David Hillman - Founder/Owner of eDiningNews with Kristen Hess Host of Cooking with Color 4 Kids accepting the Brooklyn Free Speech B Free Award B Healthy: Outstanding Program Feature/Segment 

David Hillman, Founder and Owner of eDiningNews has over 30 years of online marketing, multimedia production and sales management experience for leading-edge media, publishing and technology companies and has been involved in the marriage of food and technology throughout his entire career.


He began his career with the American Broadcasting Company in New York as a Researcher-Writer in the Network News Division and at Sony Corporation worked with Carl Sontheimer the Founder of Cuisinart to develop the Cuisinart Video Classroom. The interactive kiosk used laserdisc technology to showcase their products in high-end retail stores.
David was co-owner of the first video cafe in New York, appropriately called Cafe Video and managed the production of Execusource, a CD-ROM disk for Nation's Restaurant News. 
He has managed the design, development and delivery of numerous corporate websites and e-mail newsletters.

David was instrumental in forming a strategic alliance for eDining, David’s previous company with SYSCO Food Services of Connecticut and was a participant in the SYSCO iCare program to assist restaurants in the northeastern U.S. with online marketing.

David is currently a member of the Palm Beach Chapter of the American Culinary Federation.

Contact David Hillman at

Kristen Hess - Host, American Cooking Experience and NYC Chef/Food Stylist and Author of The Artful Gourmet 

Host, Kristen Hess. is a New York Food Stylist, Photographer, Food Writer, Recipe Developer, Blogger/Influencer and Author of The Artful Gourmet. She has over 12+ years extensive experience food styling and photographing food and creating unique content for social media, advertising, print, TV, video and PR campaigns.
Kristen is competent in photographing high quality images, food styling and props/set design for commercial photo shoots and video shoots and experienced with different types of photography including food and beverage, products, still life, tabletop, portraits, travel, restaurants, events and lifestyle. She also offers sponsored blog posts and stories, recipes and articles for food and beverage brands, restaurants + hospitality brands and is also available as an actor and host for on-camera talent, food and cooking demos, social, live and recorded TV / film and video shoots. 

Contact Kristen Hess at

Chef Shermika Lyons - Resident Chef

Resident Chef Shermika Lyons known to all her students as "Chef Mika" is a native Floridian from Miami. Chef Mika enjoys cooking and teaching so much that she left behind an education in law to pursue her love and passion of cooking.  Chef Mika graduated from the International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Management.  She enjoys preparing all types of cuisines from Floribbean to European and invites her students to discover their “inner chef” when cooking and baking any delicious creation.  Chef Mika is the owner and executive chef of Chef Mika’s, LLC; a full-service catering company. She is also a certified Chef with the American Culinary Federation and is an active Board Member and Past President of the Broward Fort Lauderdale Chapter.

Contact Shermika Lyons at

Tara_ 480x600.jpg

Dr. Tara Saltzman Educational Consultant and Member of the Advisory Board of eDiningNews is an accomplished entrepreneur, educator, and personal development expert. Dr. Saltzman earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing from the University of Miami, a Masters in Education (with honors) from Lynn University, and a Ph.D. in Global Leadership with an Educational Perspective, also from Lynn University. 


She has created highly successful programs in both educational and business arenas, implementing complex business solutions while cultivating key collaborative and strategic strategic partnerships with businesses, corporations, foundations, schools and school districts. 

Contact Dr. Tara Saltzman at

Dr. Tara  Saltzman - Educational Consultant
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