Kristen Hess - Host, Cooking with Color 4 Kids and NYC Chef/Food Stylist and Author of The Artful Gourmet 
David Hillman - Producer, Cooking with Color 4 Kids and Founder/Owner, eDiningNews 
Chef Shermika Lyons - Resident Chef
Dr. Tara  Saltzman - Educational Consultant



David Hillman. Owner and Founder of eDiningNews, in conjunction with Kristen Hess of The Artful Gourmet, produces the Cooking with Color 4 Kids TV show at BRIC Community Media Center in Brooklyn, New York. 

Cooking with Color 4 Kids is an award-winning monthly cooking show that teaches kids the basic principles of color theory and how to cook healthy, colorful recipes using fresh fruits, vegetables and natural ingredients throughout the color palette. 

The 28-minute program is broadcast to homes over all the major cable networks throughout the five boroughs of New York City from the BRIC Brooklyn Public Network in Brooklyn New York and is streamed live over the Internet on Brooklyn Public Network Channel 1. 

In addition to teaching how to cook dishes for each season, the program invites kids from 8-18 in the U.S., and throughout the world, to demonstrate dishes they have made and ask cooking and food related questions to host Kristen Hess during the show. They can also vote for their favorite foods, and share the program with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. 

For information about future Cooking With Color 4 Kids programs, please contact

David Hillman at or
Kristen Hess at

Resident Chef Shermika Lyons known to all her students as "Chef Mika" is a native Floridian from Miami. Chef Mika enjoys cooking and teaching so much that she left behind an education in law to pursue her love and passion of cooking.  Chef Mika graduated from the International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Management.  She enjoys preparing all types of cuisines from Floribbean to European and invites her students to discover their “inner chef” when cooking and baking any delicious creation.  Chef Mika is the owner and executive chef of Chef Mika’s, LLC; a full-service catering company. She is also a certified Chef with the American Culinary Federation and is an active Board Member and Past President of the Broward Fort Lauderdale Chapter.

Dr. Tara Saltzman Educational Consultant and Member of the Advisory Board of eDiningNews is an accomplished entrepreneur, educator, and personal development expert. Dr. Saltzman earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing from the University of Miami, a Masters in Education (with honors) from Lynn University, and a Ph.D. in Global Leadership with an Educational Perspective, also from Lynn University. 


She has created highly successful programs in both educational and business arenas, implementing complex business solutions while cultivating key collaborative and strategic strategic partnerships with businesses, corporations, foundations, schools and school districts. 

Contact Dr. Tara Saltzman at

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