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Meet The Chef on Cooking with Color 4 Kids

Benefit For Your Restaurant: One (affordable) Price for Production & Promotion 

Meet The Chef

Meet The Chef on Cooking with Color 4 Kids® is an invitation-only opportunity for your chef to appear on the award winning cable TV show Cooking with Color 4 Kids®, and an opportunity for prospective customers to learn more about your restaurant. The 28-minute television program is cablecast monthly throughout New York City to 500,000 households, and can be seen by online viewers throughout the world. Each monthly program is based on the holiday or season when the program is recorded and shows kids, and their parents, how to cook healthy, colorful and seasonal dishes using fresh fruits, vegetables and natural ingredients.


Option 1 - $495
You provide a 3 minute video and we provide the promotion

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Option 2 - $995
We produce the video and we provide the promotion (available in south Florida)

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  • eDiningNews will provide a video cameraperson who will record the exterior and interior of your restaurant,
    and conduct an interview with your chef.

  • eDiningNews will edit the program to a 3 minute video that showcases your restaurant and will air it on the
    Cooking with Color 4 Kids website

  • eDiningNews will distribute the program on the eDiningNews FaceBook page and YouTube.

  • eDiningNews will provide you with the file so that you can put the video on your own website.


Television - National
Roku - 15 million potential U.S. households

Television - Florida 

WHDT-TV is available over the air to millions of TV viewers from South Beach to Vero Beach.

Television - Cable - New York & Florida
WHDT-TV reaches over 825,000 cable households from Vero Beach to Boca Raton. 

BRIC Brooklyn Public Network on Cablevision, RCN, Time Warner and Verizon in Brooklyn, NY

BRIC Brooklyn Public Network on Verizon FIOS Cable in all 5 boroughs of New York City.


BRIC website –

Cooking with Color 4 Kids website –


Social Media

eDiningNews Facebook page –



Contact us at or 561-962-5605 for more information, or to reserve a segment on an upcoming show. 

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