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How To Get Started


Sign up for the FREE Beacon Marketing and Media Program and get access to "members-only" pages with instructions and tips on how to create a 3-4 minute video using your smartphone for your appearance on The American Cooking Experience.

Don't have time to shoot a video? Schedule an online interview here.


Sign up here for a free Shift4Shop online shopping website. There is no set up fee, monthly fees or per order fees. Processing of credit cards is provided by Shift4 Payments.


Use the Upload Link button to send us pictures of your restaurant and a 3-4 minute video of your chef preparing the monthly special your customers can order from your online website or shopping website.  


We edit the video you sent us into a "virtual" interview with your chef and demonstration of the preparation of your monthly special on an entertaining online program called The American Cooking Experience.


We prepare a monthly email, social media post and poster you can use to promote the program to your customers. Requires Beacon Monthly Marketing Plan.


You post the program on your Facebook page with a link to your 
online Ecommerce Website.  

Customers can order your special of the month, your catering service, or your products for sale from the website.

               Sample Ecommerce Website
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